IT automation for efficient and secure internal processes

Modern IT infrastructures are automated to an ever-increasing degree. Companies of all sizes are increasingly turning to automation technologies to make their IT systems more efficient and reliable.


Automation allows companies to outsource workflows that would otherwise have to be performed manually, saving time and resources and increasing productivity. Some examples include software distribution, configuration management and network monitoring.

Security and cost reduction - the advantages of IT automation

By automating IT processes, companies take their internal processes to a new level and decisively relieve their IT administrators. This allows IT departments to focus on more critical tasks that bring more value to the company and its core business.


In concrete terms, IT automation brings numerous benefits to the companies that use these processes. In particular, these include the following:

  • Reducing errors and downtime
  • Improving IT security
  • Increasing the speed and accuracy of processes
  • Cost savings by reducing operating costs
  • Increasing the productivity of IT staff

Software distribution as an application of IT automation

IT automation is often associated with the term cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to the provision of IT resources over the Internet that enable companies to automate and scale their IT processes.


The automation of software installations is a particularly important aspect of IT automation. Through what is known as software distribution, companies are able to automatically install and configure applications on all computers on the network without requiring IT administrators to manually access each computer.


Software distribution also provides the ability to centrally control and monitor the installation and configuration of applications. This allows IT administrators to track the status of software installation on each computer in the network and respond quickly to problems as needed.


By automating software installation and configuration, organizations can save time and resources normally spent on manually installing and configuring applications on each computer in the network. In addition, automation can help minimize errors by standardizing and automating recurring processes.


The automation of software installations is particularly advantageous for companies with a large number of computers in the network. The more end devices the installation, configuration and update processes involve and the more complex they are, the more sensible it is to use a solution for automated software distribution.

The potential of software solutions for IT automation

Companies realize IT automation by implementing various software solutions that include tools for configuration, management and monitoring of automation processes.


Another best practice example of IT automation can be found in software distribution. For example, the IDERI pace software solution solves the problem that most software must be manually packaged before installation. By using IDERI pace, on the other hand, you can bring the level of automation in the area of software distribution to almost 100%.


With software solutions for IT automation, you have access to centralized control and management of all computers in the network. You can centralize settings and configurations of applications and ensure that all computers in the network are up to date with the latest updates and patches.


An IT automation software solution is also characterized by its high degree of scalability and can be adapted to changing business needs. Thus, the solution can be expanded to a larger number of computers on the network without adding to the burden on your IT department.


Last but not least, the example of IDERI pace shows how important it is to seamlessly integrate automation software with various IT tools to ensure an efficient and smooth workflow. Good solutions can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and exhibit a high level of compatibility.

The path to IT automation with IDERI pace

Overall, IT automation is an important trend in the IT industry that helps companies and organizations work more efficiently and effectively to achieve their business goals.


With the intuitive and efficient IDERI pace software packaging system, you can contribute to IT automation in your company. If you are interested in the practical solution, request a free demo version now. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts.


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The term IT automation refers to the use of software tools and technologies to automate manual tasks in a company’s IT infrastructure. By automating IT processes such as software deployment, configuration management and network monitoring, companies can save time and resources and improve the efficiency and security of their IT infrastructure.

A wide range of IT processes can be automated, including software deployment, configuration management, patch management, network monitoring, backup management, compliance management and user management. Automating these redundant processes saves time as well as costs and minimizes errors.


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