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IDERI note

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IDERI note is licensed according to the Concurrentuser license model. Every active connection to the server is counted here. This means that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should be licensed.

Yes, this function will be supported in our next version! If you would like to have more information about this now, please contact us!
+49 711 3416 7060

Yes you can! IDERI note contains 5 licenses, which you can use without purchasing a license.
Either for test purposes, or if the number is sufficient for active operation.

Yes, you can, for example, insert your company logo, adjust the font, size and color, and determine the position of the pop-up window and the ticker.
In this video we show you how it works.

The advantage of a domain in Active Directory®is, among other things, the automatic password synchronization of user passwords.
Nevertheless, IDERI note can also be used without Active Directory. However, this requires that the user names and passwords on the client workstations and on the computer on which the IDERI note server is installed are carefully created and synchronized. More information can be found in the IDERI note help document.

Yes, IDERI note is fully terminal server compatible. Individual client instances are started automatically for the users, so that only individual users can be notified.

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IDERI move

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IDERI move fundamentally supports the migration to all solutions that have the ability to carry out an “Execute” (i.e. the possibility to initiate “anything”).
Migrations to the following solutions have so far been successfully implemented:

  • Ivanti EPM
  • Matrix42 Empirum
  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Baramundi

Yes, this is possible! IDERI move takes the DSM e-script and interprets it one to one. Known functionalities can be easily taken into the new environment.

IDERI move works in 3 steps:

  1. Export scripts from DSM
  2. Interpret the exported scripts (IDERI installer)
  3. Import packages into the new target system (IPSCon). IPSCon also has the ability to create a deployment type.

No, a 100% migration is unfortunately not possible. Patch and driver commands as well as commands that interact with the DSM database cannot be migrated to the target environment.

Yes, the variables can also be used in the new environment. For this, the IDERI installer only needs to be rshown wherethe variable is and what its value is. For example: ProgramFilesDir – C:\Programs

IDERI packagingsuite

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No: You can decide for each package which “language” you want to script: NetInstall-eScript or PowerShell.

The IDERI packagingSuite consists of the following components:

  • IDERI pace:
    • The IDERI packaging center (pace) is our dialog-oriented packaging interface for simple and fast packaging of software packages without any prior knowledge, similar to Ivanti DSM. The speaking names of the commands help to always find the one you need. With drag & drop, scripts can be created very easily.
  • IDERI installer:
    • The IDERI Installer is the component that must be installed on the client PCs and is responsible for the execution and interpretation of the IDERI pace scripts. It also takes into account user parts in the respective scripts that have to be executed for each user.
  • IDERI mate:
    • IDERI mate (MSI and Transform Editor) is an MSI editor that allows you to save settings in an MSI or in a transform (.mst) file and to distribute them directly during installation. Furthermore, IDERI mate can be used to record installation options simply by simulating the installation and generating an .mst file directly from the information provided.

The packagingSuite is suitable for administrators who work with a software distribution solution that has no or a complicated scripting language.These can be solutions such as Microsoft SCCM, Ivanti EPM, Matrix 24 Empirum and many more.



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