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Acoustic alarm

An acoustic alarm, unlike a silent alarm, is a clearly acoustic signaling device that sounds an alarm in the event of burglary, fire, and other hazards. The loud sound alerts everyone present to a potentially dangerous situation. It is one of the most used variants for alarming.

Areas of application

It also serves to deter offenders and discourage further action. Acoustic alarms are used for property security in many industries, including:

In principle, it can be used usefully in almost any area. With it, all affected persons can be warned quickly and directly. An alarm system with an acoustic signal can also be installed for private use.

Tasks and functions

An acoustic alarm can be used for other purposes besides efficiently deterring criminals. For example, it can be used to alert employees to potential hazards such as fires.

It is part of a higher-level alarm plan and is installed as a signaling device in an alarm system.

The volume of most acoustic alarms can be adjusted. This is necessary so that they can be heard both inside and outside buildings.

When it comes to security solutions, acoustic alarms also have the advantage of being inexpensive and highly effective. The sound produced by these devices is loud enough to scare off potential intruders.

At the same time, it alerts any employees or others nearby who might not otherwise notice a threat. In addition, wireless versions are now available, allowing for easy installation without the need to run cables through walls or floors.

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Automatic triggering of an acoustic alarm

If a fire or burglary occurs, the acoustic alarm is triggered by various sensors. These are part of the security system. In case of fire, smoke and heat sensors are used.

They detect suspicious increases in temperature inside the building and react to critical values.


Should a break-in occur, magnetic motion detectors respond to suspicious activity. These are connected to magnetic contacts on doors or windows, for example, and are triggered as soon as forced entry occurs.

Acoustic alarm linked to IDERI note

Overall, an acoustic alarm is an effective security solution for any environment that needs to be protected from criminals or dangerous situations. The loud sound ensures that everyone on site is aware of potential threats. The ease of installation makes it one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

In addition, an audible alarm can be ideally linked to IDERI note. Should it be triggered, this information can be forwarded directly to all employees or affected persons via IDERI note.

In this way, the affected persons receive two separate warning signals at the same time. Via IDERI note, for example, a push message is sent directly to employees’ computers and mobile devices.

Thus, all persons in the building are not only informed acoustically about a hazardous situation: they also receive all necessary information about the emergency situation.


Questions we are often asked

IDERI note is licensed according to the Concurrentuser license model. Every active connection to the server is counted here. This means that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should be licensed.

Yes you can! IDERI note contains 5 desktop and 2 mobile licenses, which you can use without purchasing an additional license.
Either for testing purposes, or if the number is sufficient for productive operation.

50,000 clients per IDERI note server are possible, depending on the server hardware.

The administration interface offers German, English and French as language selection. On the receiver side, Croatian, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Italian are supported.

Yes, you can, for example, insert your company logo, adjust the font, size and color, and determine the position of the pop-up window and the ticker.
In this video we show you how it works.

IDERI note can be used without Active Directory with some restrictions. More information can be found in the IDERI note help. 

  • Windows computers,
  • Terminal servers (thin clients),
  • Smartphones and tablets (IOS and Android),
  • Linux (Wine).

Yes, mobile devices running iOS/iPadOS or Android are supported since version 3.3 ! If you would like to have more information about this, feel free to contact us!
+49 711 3416 7060

Yes, IDERI note is fully terminal server compatible. Individual client instances are started automatically for the users, so that only individual users can be notified.

Active Directory objects such as groups, users and computers are used as addressees. Optionally, recipient lists can be created.

  • Buzzer/External Hardware,
  • Commandline /Batch,
  • Administration Interface,
  • User Interface/Quickadmin,
  • Rest-API,
  • SDK,
  • Web Interface.

Yes, you can change active messages at any time. You can track all changes via revision security.

Yes, messages can be retracted at any time and will disappear from user screens immediately.

Yes, messages on the lock screen and on the login screen can be activated for each message.

Yes, IDERI note messages can be sent to multiple users, computers, groups or “anyone”.

IDERI note can display messages in full screen mode. In addition, the workstation can be locked.

Yes, IDERI note Client can be installed using any software distribution. A customization tool for this is included in the delivery.

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