With IDERI note, you have many features to help you save time and be more responsive.

Various display options

IDERI note offers you various display options for the fast and secure distribution of messages and information within the company. The presentation and design of the messages can be displayed on the desktop and the logon screen via scrolling tickers and popups with different orientations, depending on the requirements, in such a way that they attract immediate attention.

100% Active directory integration

Your existing Active Directory is used to manage the message recipients. This means that new Active Directory objects can also be addressed directly. This means that no duplicate user and group maintenance is required.

Multi-user concept - recipient lists

With the IDERI note recipient lists, you can define exactly who is allowed to send messages to whom. For example, you can give your service desk manager the authorisation to send messages only to his service team.

Receive and read acknowledgment

A receive and read function can be activated for each message. This provides the sender with information on when the message reached the end device and when the message was read by the recipient. This can then be easily evaluated for reporting measures.

Message series - Hotkey support

The IDERI note hotkey support allows you to send multiple messages with just one click (or external button / buzzer). The advantage of this is that several messages with different contents can be sent to different recipients with only one action.

Mobile end-users

Messages now reach employees who are not at work via the IDERI note mobile app. The supported platforms are IOS and Android.

Message creation at the push of a button

Messages can also be triggered on demand via USB button, USB button or a key combination in the login screen.

Messages history for users

Each recipient has the option of viewing a message history. In this overview, older, current and also future messages can be viewed.

Message validity

Each message has a start and end time; your message is only displayed to your staff during this defined time. The start and end time of a message can be changed at any time. If necessary, messages can also be completely withdrawn.

Time message validity

Each message has a start and end time, your message will be displayed to your employees only in this defined time. The start and end time of a message can be changed at any time. If necessary, messages can also be completely withdrawn.


In addition to the previous addressing via message recipients from the Active Directory, network areas can now also be defined; these serve as an additional filter.

In this way, it can be realized that IDERI note messages are only

r angezeigt werden, wenn sich der PC gerade im entsprechenden Netzwerkbereich befindet.

Home-Office user

In times when ever larger parts of a workforce work from home, sending IDERI note messages to home offices about events that are only relevant for users on site at the company may not always make sense. On the other hand, addressing IDERI note messages specifically to users working at a home office can also be a very interesting option. For this reason, two easy-to-understand and self-explanatory message options can be used to specifically address home office users or to specifically exclude them from addressing.


IDERI note is 100% revision-proof. Every change to a message generates a new revision. Each revision records what was changed and by whom.


With IDERI note you can generate various evaluations. For example, you can determine how many recipients your message has ultimately reached and how many have acknowledged it.

Push messages

High-priority messages are immediately displayed to staff on the end device, guaranteeing immediate attention.

Other essential features

Interface to other systems

The IDERI note Commandline tools provide an interface to your systems. For example, events from your ticket system can automatically generate messages.

Low system requirements

Apart from the operating system requirements, there are no other system requirements.

Offline availability

Recurring messages or even scheduled messages that are in the future can be displayed through the offline functionality even if the employees are not connected to the company network at the time a message is valid.


The IDERI note SDK allows users to write their own programs to customise an IDERI note environment. The SDK consists of header files and import libraries, extensive documentation and sample programs that demonstrate various functions and techniques.

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