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Monitoring in the hospital with IDERI alarm systems

Monitoring, i.e. the controlled monitoring of processes, is of particular importance in hospitals. Thanks to modern systems, equipment and software solutions, such as those offered by IDERI in a wide variety of designs, monitoring in hospitals can protect personal and material assets and even save lives. 


Whether it is fire and disaster prevention or the establishment of a communication system on topics such as health and data protection – internal processes can be effectively optimized with solutions from IDERI.

The healthcare industry - great demand for monitoring and alarm systems

Clinics and hospitals require defined, reliable and safe procedures to ensure complication-free operation. Alarm systems of all kinds play a special role, as they protect both patients and medical staff in an emergency.


In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, rampage or bomb threat, an intact and smart alarm system allows all staff to be mobilized for evacuation.


A threat alarm also relays potential threats from aggressive patients or visitors to staff. Last but not least, health monitoring is also required in the hospital.


It ensures vital signs are monitored and alerts staff immediately in case of medical emergencies. This maximizes the chances of a benign outcome to the situation.

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IDERI - Customized solutions for hospitals

Since 2006, IDERI has been an expert in the development, implementation and integration of monitoring solutions in the context of clinics and hospitals. Particularly noteworthy are the alerting and notification systems that function company- or facility-wide.


The solutions, which are specially adapted to monitoring in hospitals, offer numerous advantages. The integration of alerting systems and matching IDERI note software significantly increases employee safety in the hospital.


Hospital staff can now easily trigger a department or building-wide alarm when an unexpected threat occurs. This happens regardless of whether they are at work or mobile via an app.


In this way, threats, hazards and disasters can be responded to adequately and effectively. IDERI thus also contributes to a better ability of personnel to act.

Monitoring for the hospital - optimizing internal processes

In addition to the ability to act in emergency situations, internal communication via simple messages is also of great importance in the hospital. IDERI’s software solutions make it very easy and effective to share general internal information.


This includes health notices, privacy and IT notices, and personnel notices. The software enables a smooth exchange of information within the organization.


IDERI also offers healthcare solutions such as the IDERI care indoor air optimization system. This is important for hospitals as it is about creating optimal conditions for recovery and regeneration.


Our monitoring solutions make the hospital a safer, healthier and less risky place.

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IDERI is your reliable partner for all aspects of monitoring in hospitals.
Since 2006, we have been offering our customers modern software solutions for safety and efficiency in hospitals.


Our alarm systems are used by many clinics and hospitals. They create a safe and healthy environment for staff, patients and visitors. 

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