Discover our components, and learn how to install and configure IDERI note.

IDERI note helps you take your next step in internal communication. Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company or a very large company, we have a software program adapted to your needs.

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Prerequisites and installation step by step

This video describes which prerequisites are needed for a successful deployment of IDERI note. Also a step by step installation manual für the individual components like the IDERI note Server, the IDERI note Administrator and the IDERI note Client.

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IDERI note Client Customization Wizard & Group Policies

This Video shows you, how to customize the IDERI note Client with the IDERI note Client Customization Wizard or via group policies functionally and optically for your company.

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Give user permissions to send messages

In this video you learn, how you can adjust the security policy of IDERI note and give or take users the right to create/delete IDERI note messages, to show active client connections, and much more.

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The Command Line Tools

Learn how you can send messages in the command line with the IDERI nite Command Line Tools and how you can create a script for a Firealarm, which will create a IDERI note alert when doubleclicked.

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Send messages with the IDERI note Administrator

In this video you will learn, how you can send messages with the IDERI note Administrator and which options you can choose from.

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Let messages be read out loud

For blind coworkers or those with bad eyesight, which have problems reading the screen, the IDERI note Client can be configured to read messages out loud (Text-to-speech).