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Ivanti DSM Support – the future of the popular software solution

It looks as if the software solution Ivanti DSM (Desktop Server Management) will be discontinued for the foreseeable future. At least that is the expectation of many industry experts and users.

New customers have already been excluded from using the practical software distribution tool since May 2023 – it can therefore also be assumed that Ivanti DSM support will be discontinued in the next few years.

In this blog article, we at IDERI explain when the discontinuation of Ivanti DSM support can be expected and how companies should ideally prepare now for the upcoming discontinuation of the software solution.

Discontinuation of Ivanti DSM support - a turning point in the software landscape

Three years ago, during the coronavirus pandemic, we reported on the potential development of Ivanti DSM. According to current rumors, the company will discontinue the further development and support of Ivanti DSM by the end of 2026 at the latest.

This development could represent a significant turning point for many companies that have relied on this system for years. It is therefore crucial to prepare now for the upcoming changes. IDERI recommends taking steps now to compensate for the impending end of Ivanti DSM support at an early stage.

End of Ivanti DSM - what companies should do now

Nevertheless, it is important for affected companies to remain calm. The continuation of Ivanti DSM support until at least well into 2026 ensures that companies are not in a hurry to find a replacement solution. This extra time makes it possible to be more careful when looking for alternatives.

The following steps could be useful for companies and organizations in which Ivanti DSM was previously an integral part of the software landscape in view of the upcoming discontinuation of support:

IDERI pace - the packaging suite for the post-Ivanti DSM era

When looking for software packaging solutions, the IDERI pace packaging suite is a great option. With the packaging power of IDERI pace, organizations can package software and updates quickly and efficiently to compensate for the weakness of many Ivanti DSM alternatives in the area of software packaging.

In this way, the tool automates manual workflows, as existing alternatives can be remotely controlled by IDERI pace. This makes IDERI pace a strong and sustainable addition to any Ivanti DSM alternative. Equipped with our Packaging Suite, you can make a smooth transition from Ivanti DSM to a new solution of your choice.


The expected continuation of support and further development of Ivanti DSM until 2026 gives companies the necessary scope to make informed decisions about their IT future. Nevertheless, the switch from Ivanti DSM to an alternative be unavoidable in the long term.

Whether you decide to migrate to an alternative software in the near future or at a later date, IDERI pace is a promising solution for any organization looking for a new software packaging solution to complement Ivanti DSM alternatives.

We also provide you with personal support during the migration from Ivanti DSM. When selecting a successor product such as Microsoft Intune, SCCM, ACMP or Tanium, we support you with customized workshops and first-hand expertise. While IDERI move supports the migration process itself, IDERI pace enables the smooth operation of the successor solution.


Frequently asked questions about Ivanti DSM Support

You can find our answers here

In all likelihood, Ivanti will discontinue support for its DSM (Desktop Server Managemen) software product in winter 2026. At the same time, the further development of the software will most likely be discontinued. New customers no longer have the option of using Ivanti DSM, which gives the software the character of a discontinued model.

Companies should develop alternatives to Ivanti DSM and a clear migration plan at an early stage. This ensures a smooth transition and minimizes operational disruption when support ends.

We are happy to support you with the migration and introduction to the new system.

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