No matter which software distribution is in use, with us you package independently

automatic software distribution

By Admins - for Admins.

With IDERI pace you get a powerful tool that will make your daily packaging routine easier! Create packages intuitively and with just a few clicks while remaining independent. Other packaging tools are no longer needed.

Overview of the software packaging concept

As part of software distribution, software packaging solutions are responsible for preparing and customizing the installation of software on multiple clients at the same time. In this process, a software package is composed of all parameters and files that are required for a professional installation on the end device.


With an adequate software packaging solution such as IDERI pace, both completely new software and updates to existing software can be installed effectively, comprehensively and in a time-saving manner. This optimally counteracts typical problems in a company’s IT environment such as a lack of compatibility or a high level of manual effort.

Independent and uncomplicated packaging

With many client management solutions, software packaging is not exactly the strong point. It is often cumbersome and you can only reach your goal in a roundabout way.

You can no longer call yourself a classic packager. One is rather pushed to become a Powershell expert.

IDERI pace integrates seamlessly into your existing environment and simplifies your software packaging!

Software packaging - the special relevance in small and large companies

In large companies in particular, software packaging benefits internal processes. The preferred method of software packaging depends on the number of end devices and the complexity of the packaging process. 

For example, small companies often use “command line tools” or small PowerShell scripts linked to Active Directory for software packaging.

In the largest companies, on the other hand, the IT department cannot avoid a holistic solution for software distribution. Here it is important to rely on a solution that is as simple and straightforward to use as possible, such as IDERI pace, which minimizes the potential for errors emanating from the packager.

How can the packagingSuite help me?

Software packaging for IT admins

I am IT admin.

Then your everyday life will change completely with the packagingSuite!

You no longer have to “program” your packages manually with PowerShell, VB scripts or anything else. In future you will package with just a few clicks!
This not only saves time, but is also spare the nerves.

Independent software packaging for IT managers

I am IT manager.

You always have an overview of the projects with their costs and expenses. You ensure that your employees can work happily.

The packagingSuite will be able to help you right here. Because with this solution you relieve your specialists. This gives them the opportunity to concentrate on the essentials.


Functions at a glance

Intelligent packaging

Advanced features such as Machine and user separation, Repair, Reinstall or DeInstall are possible. So even native PowerShell commands can be taught to separate machine and user.

Drag and drop packaging

Simply drag and drop commands into the package and package them in a dialog-oriented manner.

Avoid typing errors and simplify your work.

Automated processes

Multiple packages can be exported at once. The application and deployment type is created with exactly two clicks.

Detailed log files

By logging command by command, in the event of a possible error, you know exactly where it happened and can thus better understand it.

Unified work

With the packagingSuite you get an all-round solution. You no longer need any other third-party solutions. And your employees package consistently and clearly.


Questions we are often asked

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No: You can decide for each package which “language” you want to script: NetInstall-eScript or PowerShell.

The IDERI packagingSuite consists of the following components:

  • IDERI pace:
    • The IDERI packaging center (pace) is our dialog-oriented packaging interface for simple and fast packaging of software packages without any prior knowledge, similar to Ivanti DSM. The speaking names of the commands help to always find the one you need. With drag & drop, scripts can be created very easily.
  • IDERI installer:
    • The IDERI Installer is the component that must be installed on the client PCs and is responsible for the execution and interpretation of the IDERI pace scripts. It also takes into account user parts in the respective scripts that have to be executed for each user.
  • IDERI mate:
    • IDERI mate (MSI and Transform Editor) is an MSI editor that allows you to save settings in an MSI or in a transform (.mst) file and to distribute them directly during installation. Furthermore, IDERI mate can be used to record installation options simply by simulating the installation and generating an .mst file directly from the information provided.

The packagingSuite is suitable for administrators who work with a software distribution solution that has no or a complicated scripting language.These can be solutions such as Microsoft SCCM, Ivanti EPM, Matrix 24 Empirum and many more.

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