You are currently viewing Ivanti DSM – a portrait of the well-known IT tool

Ivanti DSM – a portrait of the well-known IT tool

Ivanti DSM has established itself as a valuable tool in recent years by helping companies to seamlessly manage their operating system and software distribution. But like every IT product, DSM also comes to the end of its life cycle.

As we approach the possible end of support, in this blog article we take a closer look at Ivanti DSM, its features and what strategies companies should adopt in the future with regard to alternative software.

Effective IT management with Ivanti DSM

What is Ivanti DSM?

Ivanti DSM (Desktop Server Management) is an established IT management tool that helps companies to organize and manage their IT assets efficiently. With a focus on automated software distribution, it offers a platform for carrying out software installations in a targeted and automated manner.

By using this system, companies and organizations from all sectors can optimize their IT environment and build on a solid foundation for software and hardware management. In addition to software distribution, OS deployment and patch management are also important functions of Ivanti DSM.

From software packaging to server management - functions of Ivanti DSM

As a comprehensive software solution for IT management, Ivanti DSM offers companies’ and organizations’ IT departments a wealth of functions. The most important functions are:

With a main function in the area of software distribution, also known as app deployment, Ivanti DSM enables targeted and automated software installations on various devices such as conventional PCs, servers and virtual machines. This enables companies to distribute applications and configurations to individual systems as well as in large rollouts.

The OS deployment of Ivanti DSM is at the center of dynamic client rollouts. Ivanti DSM enables customized or company-wide operating system installations. This method allows smooth integration of operating systems, drivers and applications as well as easy handling of frequent operating system updates.

Another key feature of Ivanti DSM is patch management. In the context of increasing security requirements, it is essential to regularly install security updates for operating systems and applications. Ivanti DSM not only provides updates from various providers, but also enables detailed control of their distribution for maximum IT security.

From end-of-sale to end-of-support

Although Ivanti DSM has supported many companies over the years, the tool has now reached end-of-sale-status for new customers via partners. While current users are still able to purchase additional licenses, new customers are denied access due to a sales freeze.

It is therefore only a matter of time before the end-of-support of the established software solution is announced, which also signals the end of the tool’s further development.

According to current rumors, this could be as early as the end of 2026. It is therefore advisable for current users to look for alternatives and plan future IT strategies at an early stage.

With IDERI pace and IDERI move to the optimal Ivanti DSM successor solution

There is a lack of solutions on the market for software packaging tools that include functional software packaging, as is the case with Ivanti DSM. IDERI pace is a recommended choice to complement Ivanti DSM alternatives.

Our solution overcomes typical IT challenges and minimizes manual effort through impressive automation. Migrating from Ivanti DSM to an alternative is also particularly easy thanks to IDERI move. High migration costs can be saved with just a few clicks.


Ivanti DSM has left its mark on the IT world and has helped many companies to manage their IT environments. It has defined standards over many years, particularly in the areas of software distribution, OS deployment and patch management.

The fact that such a program is now coming to its end-of-sale and, for the foreseeable future, its end-of-support, is also an opportunity for companies to explore new and perhaps even more powerful alternatives. Ivanti DSM’s journey may be coming to an end, but the IT world keeps on turning.


Frequently asked questions about Ivanti DSM

You can find our answers here

Ivanti DSM offers a comprehensive platform for software distribution, which enables automated and targeted installations on various client systems. It also includes functions for operating system deployment, patch management and supports the efficient and controlled distribution of security updates to various devices.

Although Ivanti announced that it would stop selling DSM at the beginning of 2023, existing customers will still be able to use the software solution in the medium term. According to current rumors, Ivanti is planning to end support and further development by the end of 2026 at the latest. Nevertheless, companies and organizations that have relied on Ivanti DSM up to now should actively look for alternatives and prepare for the migration now.