Create an evacuation concept: Company-wide Alarm specifically with IDERI note

Evakuierungskonzept erstellen mit IDERI note

Creating an evacuation concept - good planning for greater safety

The evacuation plan includes important rules of conduct with which the personnel of a company can be brought to safety quickly and in a structured manner in the event of danger. Clear procedures and responsibilities are defined, which can be trained in evacuation exercises and as part of operational instruction. In order to create an evacuation concept, the choice of the right alarm and communication system is also an important factor. With the IDERI note alarm system, triggering and communicating alarm situations is particularly uncomplicated and effective.

From the alarm concept to the rescue plan

The basis of every evacuation concept is the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Workplace Ordinance and the Hazardous Substances Ordinance. The evacuation plan supplements the fire and rescue plan, which should also be available in every large company and every public institution. An evacuation concept consists of both an alarm plan and an escape plan, which is supplemented by concrete rescue measures. In order to create an evacuation concept that is easy and universally understandable, illustrations and pictograms can be used in addition to the detailed text section.

Creating an evacuation concept - practical tests for important findings

How effective an evacuation concept actually is can be determined within the framework of emergency exercises and practical tests. The deficiencies in planning uncovered in this way can be used to optimize the evacuation concept. For example, if the evacuation plan was frequently deviated from in practice, this is a sign that the plan was too complex or cumbersome. If the evacuation took too long in the trial run, this could be due to too few or blocked escape routes. The functioning of the alarm system can also be checked during an evacuation drill. Was the alarm actually noticed by everyone present or was there confusion about the situation? These and other questions are answered in questionnaires when creating an evacuation concept in order to improve the plan in the long term.

It all comes down to the right preparation

The success of an evacuation depends on good and detailed preparation. The further training of some employees as evacuation assistants creates responsibilities and helps in the planning and implementation of evacuations. Signposting clear escape routes, keeping high-visibility vests on hand, and establishing assembly points for rescuing people are also important preparation measures. Pay attention to all these aspects when you create the evacuation concept.

Alarm systems - an important component in the evacuation concept

In order to carry out an evacuation in the shortest possible time, an unambiguous and area-wide alarm is required. A good alarm should be easy to trigger and must reach everyone in the building equally. The IDERI note software solution meets precisely these criteria by being linked to the employees’ end devices. In addition, it can also be linked to a central alarm system to achieve building-wide effectiveness. The criteria for the functionality of an alarm system are precisely defined in Section 4, Paragraph 4 of the Workplace Ordinance.

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