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Alerting authorities with IDERI note

With IDERI note, the ideal alerting software for public authorities, you ensure that you reach your employees directly in precarious situations and emergencies. However, the software solution not only expands the possibilities of internal communication in extreme and disaster situations.

IDERI note is also ideally suited for sending simple messages and notifications to the desktop PCs of government employees. The effectiveness and efficiency of the alerting software in public authorities is underlined by an already more than 15-year track record of IDERI note in public institutions.

Optimal security thanks to the alerting software for authorities

The alert system for public authorities improves security in your institution by providing a simple yet effective communication channel to reach all employees in important situations. The application situations of IDERI note can be of a diverse nature.


While in the event of a fire or disaster, immediate notification of all persons in the building is advantageous, in health emergencies, support personnel can be informed directly. Even in the event of a violent attack on the part of a visitor to the authorities, your employees are optimally equipped to act thanks to the alerting software for authorities. But also simple messages, which are not directly due to an emergency, can be sent adequately with the alerting software.

Diverse functions in the alerting software for authorities

The application options of the IDERI note alerting system are expanded by a wide range of functions. These include emergency messages at the touch of a button or foot switch or the IDERI note interface, which acts as a message center within the authority.

To ensure that every message sent is correctly classified right away, a choice can be made between different designs and display options for each notification. While particularly urgent information is displayed in the form of a pop-up window with signaling light effects, less prioritized messages appear in the message center or in a continuous ticker. Last but not least, by integrating the alerting software for authorities into Active Directory, it is possible to send exclusive messages for selected employees. In addition an integrated “I’ve read” button ensures that the messages of the alerting software also reach the authority team.

Alerting software for authorities - universal and uncomplicated to use

The IDERI note alerting system was designed and developed to be universally applicable in public authorities. The basic functions are also available in offline mode and the alarms can be linked to the end devices used by civil servants and employees. 


The high level of compatibility with management systems and infrastructures used internally by public authorities further simplifies the integration of the alerting software. The universal character of the alerting software is also evident in the system requirements, which have been kept as low as possible to ensure widespread usability throughout the entire authority.

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Questions we are often asked

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IDERI note is licensed according to the Concurrentuser license model. Every active connection to the server is counted here. This means that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should be licensed.

Yes you can! IDERI note contains 5 desktop and 2 mobile licenses, which you can use without purchasing an additional license.
Either for testing purposes, or if the number is sufficient for productive operation.

50,000 clients per IDERI note server are possible, depending on the server hardware.

The administration interface offers German, English and French as language selection. On the receiver side, Croatian, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Italian are supported.

Yes, you can, for example, insert your company logo, adjust the font, size and color, and determine the position of the pop-up window and the ticker.
In this video we show you how it works.

IDERI note can be used without Active Directory with some restrictions. More information can be found in the IDERI note help. 

  • Windows computers,
  • Terminal servers (thin clients),
  • Smartphones and tablets (IOS and Android),
  • Linux (Wine).

Yes, mobile devices running iOS/iPadOS or Android are supported since version 3.3 ! If you would like to have more information about this, feel free to contact us!
+49 711 3416 7060

Yes, IDERI note is fully terminal server compatible. Individual client instances are started automatically for the users, so that only individual users can be notified.

Active Directory objects such as groups, users and computers are used as addressees. Optionally, recipient lists can be created.

  • Buzzer/External Hardware,
  • Commandline /Batch,
  • Administration Interface,
  • User Interface/Quickadmin,
  • Rest-API,
  • SDK,
  • Web Interface.

Yes, you can change active messages at any time. You can track all changes via revision security.

Yes, messages can be retracted at any time and will disappear from user screens immediately.

Yes, messages on the lock screen and on the login screen can be activated for each message.

Yes, IDERI note messages can be sent to multiple users, computers, groups or “anyone”.

IDERI note can display messages in full screen mode. In addition, the workstation can be locked.

Yes, IDERI note Client can be installed using any software distribution. A customization tool for this is included in the delivery.

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