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Alerting authorities with IDERI note

With IDERI note, you have the ideal alerting software for authorities. You ensure that you reach your employees quickly and reliably in explosive situations and emergencies. Direct communication is guaranteed. However, the software solution not only expands the possibilities of internal communication in extreme and disaster situations.


IDERI note is an optimal solution for sending simple messages and notifications. The system enables the transfer of these messages directly to the desktop PCs of the official employees. This is done immediately after the alarm has been triggered.


IDERI note has been successfully deployed in public institutions for 15 years. This underlines the effectiveness and efficiency of the alerting software.

Optimal security thanks to the alerting software for authorities

The alerting system for authorities improves security in your institution through a simple as well as effective communication channel. As a result, all employees are reached in important situations via information, warnings and alarms. The application situations of IDERI note can be of a diverse nature.

In case of fire or disaster, immediate notification of all persons in the building is advantageous. In health emergencies, emergency personnel can be informed directly.


Thanks to the alerting software for authorities, your employees are also optimally equipped to act in the event of a violent attack by a visitor from the authorities. But also simple messages, which are not directly due to an emergency, can be sent adequately with the alerting software.

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Diverse functions in the alerting software for authorities

The application possibilities of the IDERI note alerting system are extended by a wide range of functions.


The functions include emergency messages at the push of a button or via foot switch. A silent alarm can also be sent via the IDERI note interface. IDERI note serves as a message center within the agency.


You can choose between different designs and display options for each notification. Thus, each notification is properly classified.

Particularly urgent information is displayed in the form of a pop-up window with signaling light effects. Less prioritized messages appear in the message center or a continuous ticker.


By integrating the alerting software with Active Directory, exclusive messages can be sent to selected employees.
An integrated “I’ve read” button ensures that messages from the alerting software reach the authority team.

Alerting software for authorities - universal and uncomplicated to use

The alerting system was designed and developed to be universally applicable in public authorities. The basic functions are also available in offline mode. Alerts can be coupled with the end devices of officials and employees used on duty.


The high compatibility with management systems and infrastructures used internally by the authorities further simplifies the integration of the alerting software. The alerting software has universal system requirements that have been kept low. As a result, it can be used throughout the entire agency.

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With the alerting software for authorities you create the ideal infrastructure. This ensures efficient internal communication within your building and staff.


With IDERI note, public and employees can be optimally reached and alerted in extreme situations. Learn more about IDERI note and its potential for public authorities.


Feel free to request an offer. The IDERI team will get back to you as soon as possible and answer your inquiry about alerting software for public authorities in a timely manner.

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Questions we are often asked

IDERI note is licensed according to the Concurrentuser license model. Every active connection to the server is counted here. This means that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should be licensed.

Yes you can! IDERI note contains 5 desktop and 2 mobile licenses, which you can use without purchasing an additional license.
Either for testing purposes, or if the number is sufficient for productive operation.

50,000 clients per IDERI note server are possible, depending on the server hardware.

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