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Automatic software distribution - the future of IT management

Automated software distribution replaces the manual installation and configuration of applications on clients within a company. In this way, the solution ensures efficient commissioning as well as maintenance of software throughout the work environment. Optimized workflows, relief for IT managers, and a reliable and secure way of working are the benefits for companies that harness the potential of automated software distribution.

Automate software installation - the technology behind it

In companies, the software to be used often has to be installed and commissioned across the board on various technical end devices. Solutions for automatic software distribution offer a solution for installing software automatically and thus acting more efficiently and economically.

They are characterized by their modular structure, which enables simple integration into OS deployment as well as license management. They can also be seamlessly linked with packaging software such as IDERI pace. In addition, automatic software distribution works regardless of location, so software can be deployed to any clients on your IT network. Software updates are also performed by automatic software distribution systems based on rules predefined by the IT administrator to maintain the productive working environment in the long term.

From convenience to security - the advantages of automatic software distribution

Automated software distribution enables a way of installing and commissioning software that is associated with a great saving of time and effort. In this way, it is possible to decisively relieve the often overburdened IT managers, who usually act as administrators during software distribution. Instead of carrying out purely routine activities such as the manual distribution of software, they can return to their core tasks in the company thanks to automated processes.

However, it is not only the resources of the IT department that are saved by using automated software distribution, but also the convenience for users and the security for the company are optimized. The risk of human error is minimized by the automated standard processes, which means fewer security gaps and an agile, convenient and secure way of working.

Software packaging - the basis of automatic software distribution

For software to be automatically distributed to its clients, it must first be packaged. There are special solutions for software packaging that support companies in accomplishing this task independently and straightforwardly.

IDERI pace meets all the requirements of a software packaging solution by integrating seamlessly with the automatic software distribution system. IDERI pace is not only uncomplicated and easy to use, but also equipped with a number of practical advanced features. If you are interested in our software packaging solution IDERI pace as part of automated software distribution, please feel free to contact our team. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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No: You can decide for each package which “language” you want to script: NetInstall-eScript or PowerShell.

The IDERI packagingSuite consists of the following components:

  • IDERI pace:
    • The IDERI packaging center (pace) is our dialog-oriented packaging interface for simple and fast packaging of software packages without any prior knowledge, similar to Ivanti DSM. The speaking names of the commands help to always find the one you need. With drag & drop, scripts can be created very easily.
  • IDERI installer:
    • The IDERI Installer is the component that must be installed on the client PCs and is responsible for the execution and interpretation of the IDERI pace scripts. It also takes into account user parts in the respective scripts that have to be executed for each user.
  • IDERI mate:
    • IDERI mate (MSI and Transform Editor) is an MSI editor that allows you to save settings in an MSI or in a transform (.mst) file and to distribute them directly during installation. Furthermore, IDERI mate can be used to record installation options simply by simulating the installation and generating an .mst file directly from the information provided.

The packagingSuite is suitable for administrators who work with a software distribution solution that has no or a complicated scripting language.These can be solutions such as Microsoft SCCM, Ivanti EPM, Matrix 24 Empirum and many more.

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