Automatische software verteilung

Software distribution - efficient installation processes for companies

Software distribution makes it easy to install software packages and applications on a company’s technical devices. With a professional software distribution solution, initial installation and configuration, as well as subsequent maintenance, proceed efficiently, conveniently and without complications. Automated processes, for example in the form of a software distribution system, form the basis for this.

Convenience, agility and security - the most important factors in software distribution

Central software distribution not only ensures fast and efficient installation of the required software, but also an intact working environment. A professional software distribution solution does not run manually, but automatically. In this way, a lot of time and stress can be saved. For example, a centralized software distribution system enables software distribution from a single workstation, requiring only the assistance of an IT administrator. At the same time, the comfort and satisfaction of users working with the previously installed software increases.

IT managers are significantly relieved by the implementation of a software distribution solution and can now concentrate more on their core tasks outside of purely routine activities. The automated standard processes also minimize the potential for errors, so that risky security gaps can hardly occur. The key benefits of a professional software distribution solution are therefore agility, convenience and security.

Software distribution - the technical features at a glance

With the help of software distribution, products such as software to be installed can be put into operation on the technical devices of a company. There is software distribution for Windows as well as software distribution for Linux and for all other common operating systems.

A good software distribution solution works in a modular fashion, i.e. it can be easily integrated into OS deployment, service management and license management and enables seamless linkage with software packaging processes. In this way, a cross-process mode of operation becomes possible.

Particularly professional solutions enable software distribution that is completely independent of time and place. In this way, clients of your IT network can also be reached that are located outside the company headquarters, for example in the field or in the employees’ home offices.

To ensure that software management also leads to reliably functioning as well as secure results in the long term, regular software updates are required. A software distribution system is used not only for the initial installation and configuration of the software used, but also for controlling a rule-based update behavior. This ensures that all software used within the company is always up to date on every end device and allows maximum freedom with minimum risk of error.

No central software distribution without software packaging

The basis for automated software distribution is software packaging. This service is what makes the standardized installation of the software on the corresponding devices possible in the first place; after all, it puts the applications in the right form. Ideally, software packaging and software distribution form a smooth transition. In this way, software installation can be accelerated and made more reliable. OS deployment and license management are also required for professional software distribution in most cases.

With the software packaging solution IDERI pace, an independent and uncomplicated packaging of applications succeeds. In this way, the foundation is laid for a functioning central and automated software distribution. IDERI pace can be seamlessly integrated into your existing working environment and is characterized by its uncomplicated functionality with advanced features. If you are interested in our software packaging solution IDERI pace as part of your software distribution, please contact our competent team. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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No: You can decide for each package which “language” you want to script: NetInstall-eScript or PowerShell.

The IDERI packagingSuite consists of the following components:

  • IDERI pace:
    • The IDERI packaging center (pace) is our dialog-oriented packaging interface for simple and fast packaging of software packages without any prior knowledge, similar to Ivanti DSM. The speaking names of the commands help to always find the one you need. With drag & drop, scripts can be created very easily.
  • IDERI installer:
    • The IDERI Installer is the component that must be installed on the client PCs and is responsible for the execution and interpretation of the IDERI pace scripts. It also takes into account user parts in the respective scripts that have to be executed for each user.
  • IDERI mate:
    • IDERI mate (MSI and Transform Editor) is an MSI editor that allows you to save settings in an MSI or in a transform (.mst) file and to distribute them directly during installation. Furthermore, IDERI mate can be used to record installation options simply by simulating the installation and generating an .mst file directly from the information provided.

The packagingSuite is suitable for administrators who work with a software distribution solution that has no or a complicated scripting language.These can be solutions such as Microsoft SCCM, Ivanti EPM, Matrix 24 Empirum and many more.

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