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Act before it’s too late: secure your migration support before the end of Ivanti DSM

With the recent announcement that Ivanti DSM will be discontinued as of December 31, 2026, hundreds of companies are facing a decisive turning point. The clock is ticking for anyone currently reliant on this system and the need to migrate to alternative software distribution solutions is becoming increasingly urgent.


This transition is not just a question of updating technology, but also an opportunity to improve the security and scalability of the IT infrastructure. But one challenge inevitably stands in the way: the availability of qualified service providers to support this critical migration process.

The challenge: a race against time

With the end date set for Ivanti DSM, a race against time begins for hundreds of companies. Migrating from one comprehensive software distribution system to another is no small feat – it requires careful planning, testing and execution. The complexity increases when you consider that every application, every package and every setting must be carefully transferred to the new environment without disrupting daily business processes.

The bottleneck: availability of service providers

While the demand for migration support will increase dramatically over the next few years, the supply of qualified service providers is limited. These experts are critical to the success of the transition as they provide not only technical expertise, but also strategic insight into optimizing and adapting the new systems to specific business requirements. If you wait too long, you risk being left without the necessary support, which can lead to delays, increased costs and potential business interruptions.

The solution: early planning and IDERI move

Proactive action is required to meet these challenges. Start planning your migration now to ensure you have access to the best resources and service providers. A key component for a smooth and secure migration is choosing the right migration solution – and this is where IDERI move comes into play.


IDERI move offers a seamless migration solution specifically designed to simplify the transition from DSM to alternative software distribution systems. With the ability to directly transfer existing packages, IDERI move eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly repackaging.


This approach not only saves valuable time, but also ensures that the functionality of your applications is maintained without you having to burden yourself with duplicate maintenance during the migration.

Conclusion: act now

The discontinuation of Ivanti DSM is a wake-up call for all companies that still rely on this system. The next three years offer a critical window of opportunity to act and plan a strategic migration. With IDERI move and securing migration support early on, you can position your company for a successful transition, minimize risks and ensure the continuity and performance of your IT infrastructure for the future. Delays could be costly, so now is the time to be proactive and get your migration underway with expert support.


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Frequently asked questions

You can find our answers here

There is no general answer to this question. Ivanti DSM had its strengths in the areas of operating system installation, software distribution and patch management.

Almost all alternative platforms now offer a broader range of functions than Ivanti DSM and can provide a customized, future-oriented solution for your company.

Thus, the best alternative depends on your existing infrastructure, requirements and wishes, including license management, service management, helpdesk, defender management and other factors.

We will be happy to help you find the right solution. Possible alternatives would be:

  • Aagon ACMP
  • Baramundi
  • Ivanti EPM
  • Matrix42 Empirum
  • Microsoft SCCM/ECM/Intune
  • Tanium
  • VMware Workspace One
  • and many more

IDERI offers individual consulting and expertise to identify and implement the ideal software distribution solution together with your company. IDERI supports you in making the migration smooth, secure and fast.

The “end of life” means that no further updates or new functions will be provided for Ivanti DSM from December 31, 2026 and support will be completely discontinued.

Yes, you can continue to use DSM until the announced end date. However, it should be noted that updates or support services are no longer offered.

It is recommended that you find out about alternative solutions and prepare for a migration project. This is to ensure that your IT infrastructure is supported and maintained even after the end of DSM.