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Official announcement: The end of DSM

On May 11, 2023, we published a blog post with the title “IVANTI ANNOUNCES SALES STOP FOR NEW DSM CUSTOMERS FROM MAY 2023“. In this post, we shared our speculations and general rumors about the upcoming end of sales and support for DSM (Desktop and Server Management).


Our fears regarding support have now been realized. Today, on January 31, 2024, Ivanti officially announced the “end of life” for DSM customers until December 31, 2026.

What impact does this have on you?

No future updates or new features will be available and support for DSM will be discontinued. However, there is no need to worry – you can continue to use DSM until the end of 2026.


However, we recommend exploring alternatives and preparing for a migration project. Regardless of your chosen direction, you are well prepared to make the transition with us.

Which solution best suits your requirements?

Various migration alternatives are available, including

Make the decision with us! With over 25 years of experience in software distribution, we are independent and very familiar with all the products and the right choice depends on many factors and we are on hand to talk you through them. This consultation is free of charge for you.

How do you find a solution?

Simple and uncomplicated – with our support.

We have been successfully migrating DSM environments to other solutions for more than 8 years, and we do it automatically! Our extensive experience in migration makes us experts in this field.

What is IDERI move?

IDERI move is a software tool that has been specially developed for the migration of software distributions. It enables companies to transfer their existing software distribution systems to new platforms or solutions.


IDERI move automates the migration process and helps to change the software distribution without interruptions. With IDERI move, companies can migrate their software distribution solutions in less time and with less effort.

What is IDERI pace?

IDERI pace (packagingCenter) is a software tool that is used for the automated packaging of software applications. It enables the creation of software packages that are optimized for distribution and deployment in IT environments. This tool facilitates the management and provision of software in large networks and contributes to the reliability of software distribution processes.


The announcement of the “end of life” for DSM by 2026 marks a turning point for many companies. IDERI is at your side as a strong partner during this time. With a foundation of over 25 years of expertise in software deployment and migration, we are well equipped to support you in the challenge ahead and guide you through the decision-making process.


For an initial orientation and to discuss your individual requirements, we offer you a free initial consultation. Please contact us.

Would you like to know more about this topic and be well prepared?

Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our experts now.


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find our answers

There is no general answer to this question. Ivanti DSM had its strengths in the area of operating system installation, software distribution and patch management.

The best alternative depends on your existing infrastructure, requirements and wishes, including license management, service management, helpdesk, defender management and other factors.


We will help you find the right solution.

Feel free to arrange an initial consultation.

The “end of life” means that no further updates or new functions will be provided for Ivanti DSM from December 31, 2026 and support will be completely discontinued.

Yes, you can continue to use DSM until the announced end date. However, please note that no more updates or support services will be offered.

It is recommended that you find out about alternative solutions and prepare for a migration project. This is to ensure that your IT infrastructure is supported and maintained even after the end of DSM.