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Always stay up to date through software packaging

In modern companies comes software covering the entire surface which is often installed on numerous computers at the same time. Through In many cases, however, different program versions of the software prevent efficient operation in the company due to installation and compatibility problems.

In this blog post, IDERI explains to you the specific issues that come with working with different program versions on different devices. In addition, we will teach you how to use a professional solution for software packaging can effectively counteract this problem.

Lack of compatibility and manual effort as problems of different software versions

Many companies are familiar with the situation where there are numerous computers in a corporate environment that require the same software. However, these are each equipped with different software versions.


This is an unclear as well as problematic initial situation. Time and again, companies have to contend with the problem in this case that the individual software versions are not optimally compatible with each other, making it difficult to exchange data and work on shared files.


In addition, a corporate environment with different program versions on a variety of end devices requires intensive manual maintenance. After all, all these softwares, as well as the operating systems, have to be set up manually. The same applies to Version updates and extensions, which also need to be installed manually.

Software packaging - the solution for different program versions

What is software packaging?

In the process of software packaging, software installations on multiple clients, for example in a corporate environment, are prepared, adapted and executed simultaneously. Software packaging and the higher-level process of software distribution can therefore automate installation processes, increasing efficiency, security and compatibility.



A professional software packaging solution not only enables the comprehensive installation of software on any number of devices, but also the installation of updates. with minimal effort. In this way, the software installed on the company computers can be easily kept at the same, always up-to-date version.


In addition, good software packaging has other advantages for the installation and management of software in a corporate environment.. These include:


  • Individual adjustment of the configuration even after installation
  • Installing the same software in different languages
  • Ease of use, such as smart packaging, drag-and-drop packaging, and automated workflows for integration
  • Platform-independent work and low training requirements

Working with software in the company - when software packaging makes sense

Especially large companiesThose who need to install and update programs and operating systems on a large number of computers should use software packaging. Small businesses can also benefit from software packaging, for example, by relying on small PowerShell scripts in combination with Active Directory.


The IDERI pace software packaging solution offers an optimal range of functions., which is optimally tailored to the needs of companies of different sizes and industries. The solution is characterized by a intuitive handling and numerous intelligent features.


The fact that different program versions on the computers in a company environment can lead to problems in terms of compatibility and maintenance is a well-known phenomenon. It prevents companies from working smoothly and efficiently because elementary technical requirements for a good workflow are not met.

A professional software packaging solution like IDERI pace solves this problem by providing an automated way to install and update programs across the entire corporate environment in a comprehensive and consistent manner bold offers.


Frequently asked questions about software packaging

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When different versions of the same program are used in a company with a corporate environment consisting of numerous computers, there are always compatibility problems when transferring data as well as working together on shared files. In addition, this situation leads to a high manual effort that has to be made to maintain and update the software.

A professional software packaging solution automates the installation processes of programs and operating systems in companies, making them more secure and efficient. In this way, you reduce the risk of problems and disruptions in your corporate IT environment and at the same time can focus optimally on your core business.