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Your notification software for enterprise-wide alerts and alarms.

monitoring hospital

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Compatible mit

Windows (Client and Server).

IOS and Android (mobile App).

Terminal Server and Citrix.


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Send messages using IDERI note


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IDERI note allows you to display messages in real time, on the users’ screen. You can display your messages via :

  • popup windows
  • scrolling banner
  • fullscreen
  • the logon screen of your users

Depending on the situation and your needs, you can configure your messages in three categories: information, warnings and alerts

Furthermore, messages can be created automatically through extensive interfaces.

IDERI note - an elementary component of the alerting plan

In order to be able to manage critical situations and emergencies professionally and to contain the negative consequences as best as possible, an alarm plan is essential in companies and institutions. Only in this way can clear procedures and correct behavior be established. In an alerting plan, the integration of an internal alerting system plays an important role.


Here, the IDERI note alarm system offers an ideal messaging channel, which can be combined with other communication channels such as an alarm or fire alarm system. Optimally integrated into the chain of message forwarding, the alerting system distributes important information and forwards it to the desired persons.

100% Automatable

The IDERI note notification software can be fully automated through a variety of interfaces.

Warnings and alarms can be sent automatically from any system.


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Functions of IDERI note

Learn which features the IDERI note notification software includes and get an insight into the interface.

Expand your communication with an all-in-one alarm system

Because every story counts, we let our clients tell you theirs. 

Various use cases

With the help of IDERI note, information, warnings or alarms can be created for a wide variety of situations.

Alarm situations

Fire safety

Disaster management

Hazard alerts

Health news

Announcement from HR

Data protection

Internal or general notes

IT notifications

From public authorities to hospitals - the alarm system and its areas of application

The IDERI note alarm system is used in various types of companies and institutions. In clinics and hospitals, the system of software and hardware helps to detect medical emergencies and other critical situations at an early stage and to enable staff to act optimally by providing information quickly.

In order to be optimally prepared for emergencies such as the outbreak of a fire or a violent attack in companies and public institutions such as authorities, the installation of an alarm system is also worthwhile. In addition to alerting in unforeseen emergencies, IDERI note also enables smooth and uncomplicated internal communication via desktop notifications to all or selected employees.

Your IDERI note help portal

Start the adventure now and use our extensive resources and information available to discover our alarm software.


Our support team is always available to help you. Contact us by phone or by e-mail, we will answer you. 

User's manual

It contains all the information necessary for the proper configuration and use of our software.


Here you will find explanatory videos on how to install and configure IDERI note and much more.


Blog articles, white papers, infographics, explanatory videos.. Learn more about IDERI note.

That's how fast it is!

From the administrator to your users’ screens in less than 5 minutes. 

Create and send messages

Configuration and creation of your messages in the IDERI note administrator (message, importance, validity period,…). 

Receipt by users

Employees receive messages directly to their desktops and acknowledge receipt and reading of messages. 

Export data

Real-time analysis of sending results from the administrator’s console (possibility of exporting to Excel format). 


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Find technical videos on IDERI note

Our team of experts provides you with exclusive tips and tricks to install, configure and use our alarm software.


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The notification software for warnings and alerts

Ease the sending of alarms between the different actors of the company. 


Keep it under control!

Reduce internal tensions due to the transmission of information between departments, and deploy uniform cross-functional communication. 


Don’t miss a thing!

No more work interruptions: trust our software to transmit the right information at the right time to the right people. 

IT Manager

Stay focused!

No more constant support calls, free up your time to manage ongoing IT disruptions and crises. 


Questions we are often asked

IDERI note is licensed according to the Concurrentuser license model. Every active connection to the server is counted here. This means that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should be licensed.

Yes you can! IDERI note contains 5 desktop and 2 mobile licenses, which you can use without purchasing an additional license.
Either for testing purposes, or if the number is sufficient for productive operation.

50,000 clients per IDERI note server are possible, depending on the server hardware.

The administration interface offers German, English and French as language selection. On the receiver side, Croatian, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Italian are supported.

Yes, you can, for example, insert your company logo, adjust the font, size and color, and determine the position of the pop-up window and the ticker.
In this video we show you how it works.

IDERI note can be used without Active Directory with some restrictions. More information can be found in the IDERI note help. 

  • Windows computers,
  • Terminal servers (thin clients),
  • Smartphones and tablets (IOS and Android),
  • Linux (Wine).

Yes, mobile devices running iOS/iPadOS or Android are supported since version 3.3 ! If you would like to have more information about this, feel free to contact us!
+49 711 3416 7060

Yes, IDERI note is fully terminal server compatible. Individual client instances are started automatically for the users, so that only individual users can be notified.

Active Directory objects such as groups, users and computers are used as addressees. Optionally, recipient lists can be created.

  • Buzzer/External Hardware,
  • Commandline /Batch,
  • Administration Interface,
  • User Interface/Quickadmin,
  • Rest-API,
  • SDK,
  • Web Interface.

Yes, you can change active messages at any time. You can track all changes via revision security.

Yes, messages can be retracted at any time and will disappear from user screens immediately.

Yes, messages on the lock screen and on the login screen can be activated for each message.

Yes, IDERI note messages can be sent to multiple users, computers, groups or “anyone”.

IDERI note can display messages in full screen mode. In addition, the workstation can be locked.

Yes, IDERI note Client can be installed using any software distribution. A customization tool for this is included in the delivery.

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