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Over 13,000 workplace attacks were officially reported in 2019, but the number of unreported incidents is likely even higher. Violent attacks, fires, a technical malfunction and other emergency situations in companies require a quick response to be defused in time.


With IDERI note, you and your employees communicate critical situations to targeted individuals in an uncomplicated manner and in real time. In this way, you are optimally equipped for alarm situations and effectively contribute to the protection of the entire team.

Be able to act in emergency situations

Everyone knows the little button under the desk to press for emergencies like attacks or robberies. In the meantime, there are significantly better and safer ways to protect your employees.


Unexpected and critical situations require quick action. A reliable communication system is necessary for this. It should transmit important information, warnings and alarms as quickly as possible. All innovations and systems that save time and reduce complexity are welcome in this area.


Our alerting system allows easy triggering of alerts by an alarm button, foot switch or key combination. The alert is relayed in real time to individuals, departments or the entire company.


This takes the form of a highly visible and prominent desktop alert. It can also be optionally displayed on colleagues’ work cell phones and tablets.
In this way, the alerting system enables time-saving action by alerted persons when things really have to happen quickly.


With our alerting software, you not only prevent property damage and personal injury, but can even save lives in case of doubt.

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Be well-prepared for the event of an alarm with IDERI note

At your individual request, the IDERI note alerting system can be adapted precisely to the requirements of your company. The alerting software works stationary on PCs and client workstations. It can also be used mobile on the smartphone and tablet app.


You are optimally protected regardless of location and always remain informed about critical developments in your company. However, not only in the software area, but also in terms of hardware, our alerting software can be upgraded in a meaningful way.


IDERI note fits seamlessly into the alarm and security concept of your company or building. It is directly connected to the central alarm system.

The connection to the existing infrastructure is uncomplicated. IDERI note can be integrated into various environments via interfaces such as Powershell, Comandline, SDK and restAPI.

With the professional alarm software against violent attacks

Cases of aggressive and violent assaults in the workplace have increased in recent years. The problem is particularly present in public authorities and companies with personal customer contact.


With IDERI note, your employees can raise an alarm unnoticed and instinctively in a critical situation. Thanks to IDERI note, support from the company can quickly be on its way. This can prevent potentially serious consequences of fisticuffs in the workplace.


A dangerous situation in the workplace puts those affected in an exceptional situation. In this case, there is a strong influence on the psyche, which ensures that the ability to react is limited.


A good alerting system therefore convinces through intuitive operation. This means that the button for the signal can be pressed directly from the work process.

The alerting software IDERI note - get a non-binding offer now

Do you want to increase the protection factor in your company and rely on a simple, reliable and state-of-the-art software solution? IDERI note is a special alerting system tailored to workplace security. It enables uncomplicated alerting in emergency situations.

Contact our software experts and get individual advice for your company’s requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer. This includes the selection of the appropriate software solution as well as the integration of the alerting system into your infrastructure.

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Questions we are often asked

IDERI note is licensed according to the concurrent user license model. Here, each active connection to the server is counted. This means that the maximum number of concurrent connections should be licensed.

Yes, you can! IDERI note includes 5 licenses for Windows clients and 2 licenses for mobile devices. You can use these without purchasing additional licenses.
Either for test purposes, or, if the number is sufficient for you, also for active operation.

50,000 clients per IDERI note server are possible, depending on the server hardware.

Yes, you can trigger alerts with an alert app. Simply activate the alert via app and the alert will be sent. Quick and easy for emergency situations.

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