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Whether a disaster alert, an urgent notice or a security message – in some situations, all employees of a company must be reached quickly and unambiguously. A smart solution for this is silent alerting with IDERI note. Although it does not require an alarming sound, it reaches your employees in a direct and reliable way by notifying them directly on their desktop.


Originally developed in cooperation with a company working with hazardous materials, today customers from a wide range of industries make use of our Silent Alarm software.

Be optimally secured in case of doubt with IDERI note

A silent alarm expands the company’s internal communication options by providing a direct and effective line to all employees. In dangerous situations, such as a fire, a disaster or a health risk, IDERI note notifies all addressees quickly and clearly. In an absolute emergency, you trigger a silent alert with a silent alert button, a foot switch or a specific key combination on your keyboard.

As a result, an unmistakable message appears on your employees’ desktop computers, underlining the urgency and explosiveness of the situation.

Simple messages on topics such as data protection, IT or personnel can be communicated to all or selected employees via freely configurable notifications that you can configure in the Silent Alarm software.

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A silent alarm with many interfaces

In addition to internal communication, the silent alarm can also be linked to other interfaces. At the same time, it also informs the authorities so that they can act quickly if necessary. Silent alarms are linked to emergency call and service control centers such as police stations or fire departments, which can respond quickly in an emergency.

Silent alarms provide an additional level of security. They cannot be detected and are invaluable in dangerous situations where time is of the essence.

In addition to actually making emergency calls, a silent alarm can also be used to send an urgent message. In addition, it can also be used to trigger a security alert that goes directly to the company’s internal security services.

Silent alarm - versatile application and design options

With the help of the Silent Alarm software you can reach the right employees with the right content at the right time. In addition to the content of your message, you can also freely design the display format on the desktop of your addressees.

While pop up windows are ideal for urgent messages, a silent alert is created when the Silent Alarm button is triggered. If a message concerns only a defined selection of employees, you can implement this thanks to an automatic integration into Active Directory.

Furthermore, IDERI note allows you to send a silent alarm not only immediately, but also at a defined time. Last but not least, the IDERI note silent alarm software has a receipt and read confirmation function, which you can use to ensure that the silent alarm has actually been acknowledged by all addressees.

Areas of application and operational situations for the silent alarm

In general, there are numerous areas of application and operational situations for it. Silent alarms can be used in a variety of industries and operational contexts:

Silent alarm in public administration

City halls have a large flow of people constantly coming in and out. Dangerous situations and assaults occur time and again in these facilities. Therefore, it is elementary that employees have a way to get help and inform their colleagues quickly and discreetly in such scenarios. A silent alarm at the workplace is the best and safest option here.

Silent alarm in retail

The use of a silent alarm can also be useful in the retail sector. In particular, stores that contain a high value of goods or where a lot of cash is in circulation are often the target of robberies. Jewelers and gas stations are well-known examples. A silent alarm allows employees to notify both their colleagues and the police without attracting attention.

Silent alarm in banking

Banks are also a frequent target of assaults and robberies. There is a large number of employees in the building. In such a scenario, they all need to be informed discreetly and without attracting attention from the perpetrator. Alarm software such as IDERI note enables the danger message to be transmitted silently and reliably to the employees’ screens.

Silent alarm in healthcare

Silent alarms are often used in nursing homes and hospitals to alert medical staff to an emergency situation without disrupting daily operations or patient care.

Application as disaster alarm

In almost every company, a silent alarm can be used as an effective measure in case of disasters. This informs all employees with a directly visible notification on their screens. Thus, efficient action can be taken and a building can be evacuated quickly, for example.

Universal and uncomplicated - a silent alarm for your company

IDERI note has a number of special features designed to make the silent alarm software as open as possible. For example, the basic principle of the silent alarm also works in offline mode and can be linked to employees’ mobile devices to achieve an additional read guarantee. In addition, IDERI note is compatible with many established in-house systems and already gets by with low system requirements. 

We have built all these features into our software solution so that as many companies as possible can benefit from the advantages of the silent alarm. After all, flawless and direct communication within a company is worth its weight in gold – as the last 15 years of companies using our silent alarm have shown.

With IDERI note’s silent alarm, you can take your internal corporate communication to a new level and create the necessary infrastructure for the worst-case scenario.


If you are interested or curious about our software solution, download the free demo version or contact our team. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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Questions we are often asked

A silent alarm is an alarm message that does not trigger an audible or visible warning signal. The warning message is forwarded directly to the employees’ screens. A silent alarm serves to discreetly warn all employees and responsible emergency and service control centers without causing a great stir.

As soon as an employee recognizes a dangerous situation or feels threatened, he can press a silent alarm button. This forwards the signal directly to all employees via a server without causing a stir. The emergency services, for example, are then informed.

You can recognize a silent alert by the direct notification on your own desktop screen or mobile device. Here, the alert is displayed either as a push message, banner or pop-up.

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