IT Monitoring

IT Monitoring - What is it?

IT monitoring is a process or an overall solution for monitoring and optimizing the functionality and performance of IT systems. Monitoring the IT infrastructure enables problems and threats to be identified at an early stage. This means that they can be resolved quickly before they get worse. This prevents system failures in advance, for example.

This process offers you a variety of benefits: Among them, increased security and network performance, as well as more effective system management and cost savings.

IDERI is an expert in this field and offers the appropriate additions to existing IT monitoring solutions! IDERI note integrates perfectly with them and improves the information system!

IT Monitoring covers both the management of the IT infrastructure and the operation of IT services. By providing access to system performance, availability, reliability and security, IT monitoring ensures that IT services operate at peak efficiency. Any organization that uses IT services should make IT monitoring a priority. Not only will this maintain smooth operations, but monitoring will also improve performance.

Recognize dangers quickly and react directly

IT monitoring helps companies detect and diagnose IT problems. System monitoring can identify performance gaps and issue proactive alerts. It also helps IT staff quickly identify and respond to potential security threats.

With IDERI note, we have excellent notification software for enterprise-wide alerts and alarms. It allows fast, secure and modern communication. Thus, critical situations and emergencies can be anticipated early and solved efficiently. With the help of IDERI note, many interfaces such as alarm systems or access controls can be fully automated.

A process with many benefits

IT monitoring also provides insight into system usage patterns. This allows your staff to better optimize IT resources for maximum performance and cost efficiency.

Overall, good IT monitoring software enables you to manage IT services more effectively and operate systems securely and economically. The benefits of IT monitoring are obvious:

Companies that use effective IT monitoring can increase the efficiency of their entire IT operations while reducing operating costs. They can ensure optimal uptime for IT services through effective network monitoring. This leads to higher reliability and efficient use of resources.


Investing in effective IT monitoring ensures that the IT environment always functions optimally and without interruptions or security breaches.

IT monitoring for a wide range of applications

IT monitoring can be used in a variety of areas to improve the performance and functionality of computer systems.

Some examples are:

Automated processing

Automated processing: IT monitoring tools increase the workflow of automated processes. At the same time, they optimize their stability and reliability.

Measurement data acquisition

IT monitoring is helpful for effective and fast data collection.

Medical Technology

IT-Monitoring ist hilfreich für eine effektive und schnelle Datenerfassung.

IT monitoring for a healthy workplace

The process can also be used to improve the health of your employees in the workplace. A pleasant working environment is a key factor in employee performance and well-being. Good indoor air quality also contributes to this.

Poor air quality can lead to frustration and lower productivity. As a result of the Corona pandemic, it became clear how important indoor air quality is for health. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and assess indoor air quality to prevent health problems.

We have the right solution with IDERI care. It enables high-precision indoor air quality measurement. IDERI care measures the values and transmits them directly to the employees’ screens.

The holistic system independently performs CO2 as well as temperature and humidity measurements. The data is transmitted directly to the IDERI care software via a sensor. The determined value, should it be in a critical range, is then immediately forwarded to the employee’s screen. A signal tone confirms that the data has been received.

IDERI care offers many advantages in the context of IT monitoring:

Our customers save on average 50% of their daily time.


IDERI - Your Expert for IT Monitoring

We are the market leader in the field of IT monitoring and offer you state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to optimize the performance of IT structures. With the help of our cutting-edge technology, problems can be detected and resolved more quickly.

This improves system performance and speeds up operational processes. Profit sustainably from our products and improve the performance of your IT structure: Increase the efficiency of systems, automate processes and increase productivity!


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IT monitoring is a process that uses sensors and software to monitor the status and performance of computer systems. This process helps in the early detection of problems and the provision of effective solutions.

IT Monitoring offers a number of benefits to optimize the performance and functionality of computer systems. This technology enables early detection and resolution of application problems, improving the user experience.

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