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Ivanti DSM – alternatives in focus

Ivanti DSM has always been the leading solution for software distribution, patch management and other important tasks in IT environments. But ever since Ivanti announced that it would stop selling DSM to new customers, IT experts have agreed that Ivanti DSM is a discontinued model.

As the end-of-sale and end-of-support are drawing ever closer, the question of an alternative to Ivanti DSM is becoming increasingly pressing for affected companies and organizations. In this blog article, we explain why you need good Ivanti DSM alternatives and which software solutions are suitable.

End-of-support for Ivanti DSM is getting closer and closer

Since it became official that Ivanti DSM will no longer support new customers, there has been much discussion about the future of the software distribution solution. It seems clear that Ivanti is considering discontinuing both the further development and support of Ivanti DSM at the end of 2026.

This could have significant implications for those companies that have relied on this system for years. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to prepare for this impending change at an early stage. IDERI advises taking proactive measures now to minimize the potential impact of the end of Ivanti DSM.

Ivanti DSM alternatives at a glance

Within the IT world, there are several software solutions that have the potential to adequately replace Ivanti DSM in the long term. However, which of these software distribution solutions is most suitable must be decided individually for each company. The most popular alternatives to Ivanti DSM at the moment are:

IDERI pace - a promising addition to Ivanti DSM alternatives

For companies that are looking for an alternative to Ivanti DSM and want to optimize their software distribution, IDERI pace is an excellent solution. As software packaging is not covered by many Ivanti DSM alternatives, our Packaging Suite comes into play.

IDERI pace enables fast and effective bundling and rollout of software and updates. Last but not least, IDERI pace contributes to the rationalization of manual processes by automating them. This makes IDERI pace a promising addition to any Ivanti DSM alternative.

The migration process from Ivanti DSM to a successor solution is particularly efficient with the help of IDERI move and can be completed in just a few clicks. This minimizes migration costs.

Switching to Ivanti DSM Alternative - the right time is crucial

Despite the probable end-of-support of Ivanti DSM, affected companies and organizations should remain calm. The support of Ivanti DSM until presumably the end of 2026 gives companies sufficient scope to carefully examine alternatives and make appropriate decisions.

Some strategies and measures could be particularly useful in this context. An early switch to other software could be seen as an investment in the future.

Planning a migration to an Ivanti DSM alternative in good time ensures that a smooth transition is possible when support is discontinued. It also makes sense to start thinking about concepts for future software changes now.


In the dynamic IT landscape, continuous adjustments and changes are inevitable. Ivanti DSM, once a reliable companion for many companies, is approaching the end of its life cycle. While saying goodbye to familiar systems can be challenging, it also opens doors to advanced alternatives that keep pace with current technology trends.

It is essential that companies act proactively, reassess their requirements and find a suitable succession solution to ensure continuity and efficiency. For optimal operation of Ivanti DSM alternatives such as SCCM, Intune or Tanium, we can particularly recommend the IDERI pace packaging suite.

This is a powerful and modern tool for packaging and configuring software on various end devices. The migration process from Ivanti DSM to its alternatives is supported by IDERI move.


Frequently asked questions about Ivanti DSM alternatives

You can find our answers here

The imminent end of support and further development of Ivanti DSM requires companies to adapt their IT strategies. Alternatives to Ivanti DSM ensure that organizations can continue to work efficiently and meet current technological requirements.

Whether Aagon ACMP, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft SCCM or Tanium is the best successor option for Ivanti DSM cannot be answered in general terms. All Ivanti DSM alternatives have different strengths. For this reason, we offer companies further information in the form of individual workshops so that they can identify the most suitable Ivanti DSM alternative.

All Ivanti DSM alternatives have weaknesses in the area of software packaging. At this point, IDERI pace complements them appropriately. With the ability to address IT issues such as incompatibilities and the lack of patches, as well as impressive process automation, the Packaging Suite offers a robust and reliable solution for software packaging.