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IDERI note 3.2 Release

A new IDERI note release is now available.


The following features are included in the new IDERI note 3.2 Release:


The Hotkey support requires at least the standart license. A professional license is needed in order to use hotkeys on the logon screen. For more detailed information, please refer to the IDERI note online manual.

IDERI note Hotkey Support

The IDERI note Hotkey Support can for example be used as a fast and reliable method for alarming which can, with a simple button press, create, update or delete a message, even on a locked screen


It can be accessed by searching for „IDERI note hotkey support“ in the control panel.


With this it is possible to create hotkeys for creating new, updating/canceling existing messages or the last message created.

Importing and exporting Hotkey settings:

A predefined hotkey can be distributed by accessing the registry and browsing to:


The desired key can then be exported and later on imported on multiple PCs.

Consider the following:

  • A hotkey can only be executed if the IDERI note hotkey support settings are closed.
  • If a hotkey is used on the lock- or logon screen the message will always be sent with the computer account. Therefore the appropriate computer account needs message creation privileges in IDERI note! This also applies for messages that are set to “Always send with computer account” in the IDERI note Hotkey Support.
  • IDERI note hotkey support can not be used in licence mode lite.
  • A single hotkey can execute multiple operations.