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IDERI note Version 3.6 Release

A new IDERI note release has been published! As always, we summarize the most important innovations for you.

Addressing of message recipients via network ranges

This feature was requested by many customers and we are very happy to present it now in IDERI note 3.6. In addition to the previous addressing via message recipients from the Active Directory, network areas can now also be defined, which serve as an additional filter. In this way, it can be realized that the IDERI note message is only displayed if the PC is currently located in the corresponding IP network range. Translated with (free version)

New active connections overview

The active connections overview in IDERI note administrator now shows the network address and the protocol being used for each connected client.

IDERI note web component

IDERI note gets a new component – the IDERI note web Component. It implements the IDERI note REST API, which allows, among other things, to create and delete messages based on web requests or to retrieve or manage information from the IDERI note server via standard REST functionality.

IDERI note mobile

The app for IDERI note is also constantly evolving and improvements and bug fixes have already been released via the app stores. A major new feature is that parts of the IDERI note mobile app can now be pre-configured by MDM systems.

As always, you can find more detailed information on all new features in the IDERI note user manual!

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