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IDERI Note Version 3.8 Release

IDERI note 3.8 ist out now! You can find below the brand new features.

Performance improvement

Drastically improved performance of the IDERI note server. The IDERI note server now scales much better with the available processor cores.

Installation requirements for the IDERI note Powershell module and the Web component

The prerequisites for the IDERI note PowerShell module and IDERI note web have changed: Both components now require .NET Framework 4.8.

New CmdLets for the full screen mode

New CmdLets have been added to the IDERI note PowerShell module in order to support network ranges, recipients sets and full screen mode messages.

Advanced REST API

The IDERI note REST API in the IDERI note web component now supports full screen mode messages.

Updated gateway component

Updated version of the IDERI note gateway component with an up-to-date version of OpenSSL.

As always, there is more detailed information about all the innovations in the IDERI note manual!

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