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IDERI note Version 3.9 Release

It’s that time again – a new IDERI note release is out! You can find below the brand new features.

Message creation in multilingual variants

Multilingual messages allow for the creation of IDERI note messages with language specific message text, link text and link target. The language variant that is shown on a user’s desktop for a specific IDERI note message is automatically determined from the client’s operating system language. For more information please read about this enterprise product feature in section 7.1 in the user manual. This feature is only available in professional licensing mode. Organizations running IDERI note version 3.9 in professional licensing mode that don’t require this feature can find a way to turn this feature off globally in section 7.34.

Adaptation to Windows® system settings with automatic, dark and light mode

The IDERI note administrator has three new application styles (“Windows® Auto”, “Windows® Dark” and “Windows® Light”). The new default application style is “Windows® Auto”. This way, on users’ desktops with dark mode settings, the IDERI note administrator will be shown in a dark application style. Users who prefer to use the traditional application styles, such as the Office 2007 styles, can switch back to them as usual.

High DPI awareness

IDERI note Administrator is now high DPI aware: On displays with high pixel density (higher than 96 dpi), text elements are not bitmap-scaled anymore. Instead, the fonts in use will themselves be scaled. As a result, on such displays, user interface text elements will be rendered much sharper than with previous versions of IDERI note Administrator.

Targeted control of messages for mobile devices

IDERI note messages can now be configured in such a way that mobile devices can be easily excluded from reception. Conversely, messages can also be configured to be sent to mobile users only. For more information please read sections 8.7 and 10.6 in the user manual. This feature is only available in standard and professional licensing mode.

Extended hotkey functions: Triggering via key combinations, hardware buttons and system notification area

Hotkey operations with the IDERI note hotkey support can now optionally be executed not only with an actual key press or via triggering a button, but also via a context menu from the IDERI note hotkey support’s icon in the system notification area. For more information on how to configure this functionality please read sections 8.7 and 10.6 in the user manual.

Silent mode in hotkey support: Inconspicuous operating mode without visual feedback for discreet hotkey use

The IDERI note hotkey support can now be operated in a completely silent manner, so now visual feedback with a balloon tooltip indicating success or failure of the hotkey operation is shown on the executing desktop.

Improved performance of the IDERI note server

Improved performance of the IDERI note server. The IDERI note server now scales even better with the available processor cores and is much more responsive in a huge variety of scenarios.

Deactivation of feedback for message reception and acknowledgement possible

The IDERI note server can now be configured in such a way that messages with reception or acknowledgement notification cannot be created. For more information please read section 7.34 in the user manual.

Integration of sound files in cabinet file using customization wizard for the client

Much like the logo files for client customization, sound files for the IDERI note client can now be embedded in the cabinet file that is produced alongside the transform file created with the IDERI note client customization wizard.

Updated version of the IDERI note gateway component with an updated version of OpenSSL.

Updated version of the IDERI note Software Development Kit.

Extension of IDERI note Web: Introduction of the Web UI 'QuickNote' for message creation in common web browsers

IDERI note web has been extended to include a web UI (IDERI note web QuickNote). This gives you the ability to create IDERI note messages using a modern web browser such as MS Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For more information on this, see section 6.1 in the user manual.

IDERI note Web: Integration of message templates for selection in the IDERI note Web template system

IDERI note web allows you to create multiple templates for messages and select them from a list on the IDERI note web website (IDERI note web Template). For more information please read section 6.1.2 in the user manual.

Update of the IDERI note PowerShell module and the REST API

Both the IDERI note PowerShell module and the IDERI note REST API have been updated to support the features of IDERI note version 3.9.

Extension of the REST API

The IDERI note REST API now also supports the use of relative times for the specification of a message’s validity period when creating or revisioning a message.

As always, more detailed information on all new features can be found in the IDERI note user manual

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