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Reach on-call service immediately with alerting app

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If an emergency occurs in a company or an institution, every second counts in order to contain the negative effects of the critical incident as best as possible. Through a quick alerting of the on-call service, for example the fire department, rescue service or building services, valuable time is gained in the event of an emergency.

An alerting app makes it possible to reliably reach the on-call service regardless of the current location.. In this article you will learn how the alerting app interacts with the on-call service and how it can be integrated into the existing emergency management can be integrated.

Critical situations require quick action

Emergencies usually occur suddenly and leave little time to think about an appropriate response. The slower this fails, the more serious can be the property damage and personal injuries.

Some examples of emergency situations in which quick action based on a well thought-out and tested alarm concept pays off are:

In all these cases, there is ideally an on-call service available, who has the skills to fix the problem or manage the situation. This can be the These include the fire department, disaster control and rescue services, as well as security and building services.

Uncomplicated alarming thanks to a simple mode of operation

Informing the on-call service immediately after the emergency becomes known is an essential function of an intern alalerting plan, which every company should have. As extremely As a direct and reliable communication system, an alerting app fulfills exactly this function.

An alerting app is considered a proven solution for alerting the on-call service precisely thanks to its low-threshold access and low complexity. It is easy to operate on both the transmitter and receiver sides. In addition, it is characterized by its clear and unmistakable communication.

As the recipient, the on-call service first receives a notification via the smartphone used on duty in the form of an acoustic warning signal. Thanks to a push notification, which is sent simultaneously from the alerting app to the smartphone, details such as the emergency location and a brief description can be captured at a glance.

The standby service can be triggered by a physical signal, for example by pressing an alarm button or a foot switch, or in the form of a digital signal. be alerted via the user interface of a special software. The transmission of the alarm takes place via Mobile radio or WLAN instead.


In a serious emergency situation even the best and most qualified on-call service can hardly help to defuse the situation if it is not alerted in time or if the alert is prevented by a technical problem. A Alerting app guarantees that the on-call service can be reached immediately and reliably.

To do this, it uses simple mechanisms to trigger an alarm as well as signal transmission based on mobile communications and WLAN. The On-call service, for example the building services, the disaster control or the security service, thus receive an unmistakable and unmistakable alarm.


Frequently asked questions about the alerting app

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The alerting of the on-call service, for example the fire department, the rescue service or the house technical service, is ideally done with an alerting app. Thanks to the mobile and thus location-independent application, the required specialists are reliably and immediately alerted when an emergency occurs in your company.

An alerting app sends an alerting beep combined with an explanatory push notification to one or more target smartphones in case of emergency. The alarm can be triggered in different ways. In order not to be dependent on radio reception, the alarm signal is transmitted via mobile radio or WLAN.