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Migration: Ivanti DSM to Microsoft SCCM

To ensure their long-term competitiveness, digital companies should make sure they update and modernize their systems. One such significant change is the migration from Ivanti DSM to Microsoft SCCM.


The end-of-sale of the popular software solution for new customers in 2023 and the end-of-support announced for 2026 will make a migration from Ivanti DSM to an alternative solution unavoidable. The transition to Microsoft SCCM is a decisive step towards future-proof IT management and improved network security.


In this blog article, we provide you with all the relevant information for this transition and its background. We will discuss how you can plan and implement a successful migration and take full advantage of Microsoft SCCM.

Ivanti DSM - End of sale and expiring support

Ivanti DSM is a comprehensive software solution for the management of end devices in companies. The solution, which has been the market leader for decades and still is, offers a wide range of functions, including software distribution, patch management and operating system deployment.


By automating these processes, Ivanti DSM enables uncomplicated management of software and hardware across different network environments, which considerably simplifies IT administration.


Despite these undisputed advantages, Ivanti DSM is nearing the end of its life cycle, which is characterized by the announced end-of-sale and end-of-support. This means that licenses will no longer be sold to new customers and support for existing customers will be discontinued in the near future, according to current information in 2026.


Companies using Ivanti DSM will therefore soon need to migrate to an alternative solution in order to continue to receive support and regular updates, which are essential for maintaining IT security. This migration is crucial in order to meet modern IT requirements and ensure operational continuity.

Microsoft SCCM as a future-proof alternative for Ivanti DSM

Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), now known as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, is a powerful alternative to Ivanti DSM. This comprehensive management solution offers a wide range of endpoint management functions, including software distribution, patch management, operating system deployment, hardware and software inventory and application management.


SCCM enables companies to manage their IT infrastructure by providing a central platform for monitoring and controlling end devices. It supports both classic on-premise environments and modern cloud-based systems and therefore offers a high degree of flexibility.


Thanks to its integration into the Microsoft product world, SCCM offers a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes. For companies and organizations considering a migration from Ivanti DSM, Microsoft SCCM is a robust and future-proof alternative.

From analysis to implementation - the migration process to SCCM

The migration from DSM to Microsoft SCCM takes place in three steps:

Careful preparation is crucial for the success of your migration project. A precise analysis is the first step in determining the effort required to achieve the previously defined goal. Without this, you can neither estimate the necessary resources nor carry out effective planning. In this phase, the number and complexity of the packages to be migrated is determined, among other things, which helps you to calculate the amount of work involved.


In the planning phase following the analysis and preparation phase, you define your migration target, calculate the costs and draw up a detailed schedule. This includes the conception of the migration to SCCM, the planning of the required resources and cost planning.


The implementation phase includes setting up the systems, the actual migration to Microsoft SCCM and user training. This phase is crucial for a smooth transfer and ensures that everyone involved is familiar with the new environment.

This structured approach enables the migration from DSM to Microsoft SCCM to be realized in a targeted manner. For larger and time-consuming migration processes, we also ensure that the necessary parallel operation meets all the company’s requirements.

Simple and smooth transition from DSM to Microsoft SCCM with IDERI move

IDERI move offers an effective solution that facilitates and accelerates the migration from DSM to Microsoft SCCM. Our software guarantees the complete transfer of your existing DSM packages, which reduces the migration and testing effort. This approach not only makes the switch faster, but also more cost-effective. The main advantages include:

  • No repackaging required:
    Existing DSM packages can be used in the new SCCM environment without any additional effort.

  • Simple package transfer:
    DSM packages can be exported and imported into SCCM with just a few clicks.

  • Retention of familiar functionalities:
    DSM-specific functions such as repair, reinstall or user-machine part separation are retained.

  • No double package maintenance:
    During the migration phase, there is no need to package applications twice, which saves time and resources.

    IDERI move is therefore the ideal solution for a smooth, time-saving and function-preserving migration from DSM to SCCM. Since SCCM does not receive an internal packaging function, IDERI pace offers the perfect complement for the process of migrating from Ivanti DSM to Microsoft SCCM. This software simplifies the creation of the software packages required for migration.


The migration from Ivanti DSM to Microsoft SCCM is a complex but important process to modernize the IT infrastructure. With careful planning, the right choice of tools such as IDERI move and a strategic approach, this transition can be carried out with minimal risk of disruption.


Companies that take this step benefit from a more powerful, secure and future-proof IT environment that is tailored to the needs of modern business processes. Ultimately, the migration to SCCM enables improved IT management and increased security in order to remain successful in a competitive environment.


Frequently asked questions about DSM to Microsoft SCCM migration

You can find our answers here

A migration from Ivanti DSM to Microsoft SCCM makes sense in view of the foreseeable end-of-support of Ivanti DSM. This has now also been officially announced for 2026. As many customers already use Microsoft license models, switching to SCCM can also be attractive for cost reasons.

The main difference between Ivanti DSM and Microsoft SCCM lies in the integration and compatibility with other Microsoft products and services. In terms of performance, speed and patch management, however, SCCM is inferior to the long-standing market leader Ivanti DSM. Microsoft SCCM also lacks an internal packaging function. Despite its weaknesses, Microsoft SCCM is more future-proof, as end-of-support for Ivanti DSM has already been announced.

As Microsoft SCCM itself does not offer a packaging function, external tools are required to package the software required for the migration. The IDERI move packaging suite has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly solution for this purpose.

Unfortunately, Microsoft SCCM does not offer its own packaging function, which means that the necessary software packages can only be created using external tools. IDERI pace has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly solution for this purpose.