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Mobile thanks to alerting app

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Critical situations can be resolved or at least mitigated thanks to a mobile alerting app. Since all employees throughout the company Immediate and in real time, the company is well prepared for emergency situations such as violent attacks, fires and natural disasters.

In this article you will learn about the advantages of an alerting app for companies of different sizes and industries and why you should also rely on a mobile alerting app concept in your company.

Immediately perceive critical messages thanks to the alerting app

Unexpected emergencies require rapid action by all parties involved. In order for this to be possible, all employees in the plant must be informed of the emergency situation in the quickest and most direct way possible. Otherwise it can lead to The result is a high level of personal injury and property damage that could have been avoided with a better alarm infrastructure.

An alerting app is an extremely direct and reliable communication system for emergency situations of all kinds. In an emergency, it scores with low-threshold access and low complexity. She clearly communicates that an emergency is occurring and suggests a suitable measure or mode of behavior.

Triggering an alarm on the alerting app - this is how easy it works

Not only the transmission of the alarm to the employees in the whole plant via the mobile or WLAN network is particularly easy with an alerting app. It is also easy to trigger an alarm within a few seconds. This is especially important because there is often little time to think and act in an emergency.

The alarm on the alarm app can be triggered both physically, for example by pressing an alarm button or a foot switch, and digitally. ways are triggered. Special software installed on the user’s own workstation is used for this purpose. A predefined key combination or a mouse click can trigger a quick alarm throughout the plant.

Maximum compatibility thanks to the cross-platform alerting solution

The great strength of the alerting app lies in its mobile applicability. This means that an employee can be alerted even if he or she is not currently at his or her workplace. The alerting app is there and can be installed both on smartphones used for business purposes and on employees’ work tablets.

In addition, the alerting app is characterized by a high compatibility to other end devices such as the desktop PC. In this way it is possible to synchronize all alerting software. In addition, it can be used via interfaces such as Powershell, SDK, Commandline and restAPI to existing infrastructures such as the central alarm system.

Mobile alerting app - the areas of application at a glance

A mobile alerting app is used in all situations that occur suddenly and require quick action. This is especially true in Emergencies and for other types of critical events. This situations are exemplary of the need for an alerting app:


The use of an alerting app is recommended for every company, regardless of its industry and size, in order to preventively counteract far-reaching damage caused by unexpected emergencies. Through the The entire workforce of a company can be alerted thanks to the fast and immediate real-time transmission of a previously triggered alarm.


A good alerting app, like IDERI note is, convinces with a fast and low-complex handling, a maximum compatibility and a verifiable effect.


Frequently asked questions about the alerting app

You can find our answers here

An alerting app will be installed on the duty cell phones of the entire workforce to provide direct and immediate alerting in emergency situations. In this way, it is possible to initiate the necessary measures as quickly as possible in the event of critical incidents such as fires or a violent attack.

The alert with a special smartphone app is a combination of a warning beep and a push notification. In this case, the alarm is transmitted via mobile radio or WLAN, so that there is no dependence on radio reception. In this way, all employees throughout the plant can be reached immediately and in real time.