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What is software packaging?

Software packaging is the process of bundling various software components and configuration files into a single package. This package facilitates the distribution and installation of the software on multiple systems.

Why is software packaging important?

The importance of software packaging lies in the simplification of software distribution and management. It enables IT administrators to centrally manage software and quickly distribute updates or new applications to multiple endpoints.

Main components of a software package

A software package usually contains the following elements:

Software package types

There are different types of software packages, each optimized for different operating systems and distribution environments. Some of the most popular are MSI for Windows, DEB for Debian-based Linux distributions, and RPM for RedHat-based Linux distributions.

Software packaging process

The process of software packaging can be divided into several steps:

  1. Collection of software components: All necessary files, libraries and scripts are collected.
  2. Configuration of the installation parameters: Determining how and where the software will be installed.
  3. Creating the package: The collected components and configuration files are bundled into one package.
  4. Testing the package: Before distribution, the package is tested to ensure that it works as expected.
  5. Distribution: The package is distributed to the target devices, usually through a software distribution system.

In large enterprises, software packaging is a critical step in software distribution and often a separate area within the IT department.

IDERI packagingSuite and its role in software packaging

IDERI packagingSuite is a specialized software solution that significantly simplifies the software packaging process. The application is designed to quickly and safely address and overcome the challenges associated with software packaging.


One of the strengths of IDERI packagingSuite is its independence from specific software distribution solutions. This means you have the freedom to change your software distribution platform as needed without affecting your software packages.

Ease of use

IDERI packagingSuite is designed to facilitate the packaging process. With just a few clicks, administrators can create software packages without relying on complex scripting languages or manual processes.


Some of the useful features that IDERI pace offers are:

Target group orientation

IDERI packagingSuite is valuable not only for IT administrators, but also for IT managers. While administrators benefit from simplifying their daily tasks, it helps managers monitor projects more effectively and control costs.

With all these features and benefits, IDERI packagingSuite plays a crucial role in simplifying and streamlining the software packaging process in companies of different sizes. It provides a centralized, user-friendly solution that is easily accessible to both experienced IT professionals and software packaging novices.

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Frequently asked questions about software packaging

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The main goal of software packaging is to simplify software distribution and installation. Bundling all the necessary components and configuration files in one package makes it easier to install and manage software on multiple systems.

While software packaging aims at preparing software for distribution, software distribution is the act of rolling out these software packages to the target endpoints. Packaging ensures that all required components are present and can be configured correctly, while distribution actually delivers these packages to end users.