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Workplace alarm: security at the workplace in the event of a threat

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In crises and emergencies at the workplace, direct and unambiguous information of all those involved and responsible is of elementary importance in order to ensure rapid action. initiate. A Workplace alarm fulfills the function of simple and immediate communication when an emergency occurs in the company.

In this blog post, Ideri uses the application areas and functions of a workplace alarm to explain how such a solution can significantly increase safety in the workplace and why your company should also rely on a workplace alarm.

The workplace alarm as a fast and direct communication channel

What is a workplace alarm?

A workplace alarm can be triggered physically or virtually in an emergency, informing all selected recipients or recipient groups directly and unambiguously. Classically, this is done via notification at the workplace, for example in the form of an acoustic warning signal and a pop-up window on the desktop PC screen.

By sending and receiving instant messages, employees of a company manage to get information, warnings and alarms efficiently and reliably. In this way, the necessary measures can be initiated quickly or external agents can be brought in to Minimize property damage and personal injury.

From fire to assault - application scenarios for the workplace alarm

A workplace alarm covers Situations and emergencies of various kinds. Typical Application scenarios for the workplace alarm are:

In addition to reporting emergency situations, the workplace alarm can also be used in day-to-day business to distribute internal notices on topics such as health, data protection and IT, as well as reminders of various kinds to the workforce.

Areas of application from hospitals to public authorities

Not only in a wide range of scenarios, but also in companies and institutions of various kinds the workplace alarm is used. The notification system enjoys particular relevance in clinics and hospitals, where medical emergencies and other critical situations can be detected particularly quickly thanks to the system.

Also in companies and public institutions such as government agencies and educational institutions, the workplace alarm is used to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. The installation of a workplace alarm is particularly worthwhile in places where numerous employees, customers or visitors’ well-being.

Workplace alarm - the functionality at a glance

The workstation alarm is characterized by a simple mode of operation which means that the signal can be triggered and forwarded immediately. Through a Triggers such as a USB button or a specified key combination on the desktop PC can be used to easily activate the alarm and transmit it to the desired recipients.

They receive the alert in the form of a previously selected notification. Depending on priority and urgency generate alerting audible signals, pop-up windows, banners and overlays on the login and lock screen the required attention to the message.

A workstation alarm has various functions, which make it ideal for both everyday operations and emergency situations. Useful functions are for example a Full integration with the company’s Active Directory (AD) and interfaces with existing systems.

Mobile devices and home office computers are supported by a modern workplace alarm, so that the greatest possible flexibility is ensured. is achieved. In addition, the software offers a wide range of Evaluation and analysis tools to continuously improve the alerting process in the company.

Expert Tip:

A workplace alarm can be seamlessly integrated into the alarm plan, which should be in place in every company. This defines clear procedures and behaviors if the worst-case scenario arises and rapid action is required. The workplace alarm can be optimally integrated into the chain of message forwarding and combined with the existing infrastructure, for example an alarm or fire alarm system.


As a direct, reliable, and efficient communication channel, a workplace alarm ensures that relevant and urgent messages are be perceived by the intended recipients. In this way the safety in the workplace can be decisively increased by taking direct action.

The Workplace Alarm is universally applicable in a variety of scenarios and across a wide range of companies and facilities, and has numerous features from alarm message design to convenient integration with the company’s Active Directory (AD).


Frequently asked questions about the workplace alarm

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A workplace alerting system provides a direct line of communication should an emergency occur and responsible parties, employees and outside services need to be contacted quickly. The reliable triggering and simple operation of the workplace alarm enables fast and efficient action, which minimizes personal injury and property damage.

A workplace alarm is triggered by an authorized person initiating a corresponding signal via a physical or a virtual path. This is transmitted immediately and reliably to the recipients, who in turn are informed by an unambiguous acoustic signal as well as a push or pop-up notification on their end devices.