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Communication optimization in hospitals with the help of IDERI note

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In an environment where every second counts, efficient communication is essential. Hospitals are complex systems in which physicians, nurses, administrators and technical staff must constantly exchange information. Whether it’s emergencies or system alerts, the immediate dissemination of important messages can save lives or improve operations. This is where IDERI note comes in.

Why IDERI note?

IDERI note is a notification software that works on both computers and smartphones. It enables automatic or manual creation of notifications that can be triggered by various systems such as monitoring systems, alarm systems and ticket systems.

Key features for hospitals

In a hospital, unpredictable events are commonplace. Whether it’s an ICU emergency or a power outage, staff must be notified immediately. With IDERI note, alerts and warnings can be sent to the appropriate teams in real time.

With interfaces such as Rest API, CMD and Powershell, IDERI note can be seamlessly integrated with existing hospital information systems. This enables the automation of notifications generated by various systems in the hospital.

IDERI note allows you to personalize notifications for specific users or user groups. For example, nursing staff can receive specific information, while the technical team receives separate system messages.

For critical systems such as medical devices or security systems, reliability is critical. IDERI note provides the ability to confirm delivery of notifications to ensure that important messages are not missed.


IDERI note provides hospitals with a robust and flexible solution for communicating important messages and alerts. Its adaptability and ease of integration with existing systems make it a must-have addition to any healthcare facility that relies on efficiency, reliability and speed. With IDERI note, your hospital always stays one step ahead.


Frequently asked questions about the use of IDERI note in hospitals

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IDERI note is a notification software that can be used on computers and smartphones. It enables the fast and efficient transmission of information, warnings and alarms.

IDERI note enables real-time communication and can be easily integrated with existing monitoring systems, alarm systems and ticketing systems. This makes it particularly suitable for dynamic and time-critical environments such as hospitals.

The system supports a variety of interfaces, including Rest API, CMD and Powershell. This makes it easy to integrate and automate into existing systems.

Yes, IDERI note allows personalization of messages. This means you can send specific messages to selected users or groups of users, which is especially beneficial in a diversified work environment like a hospital.

The software offers the possibility to confirm the delivery of notifications. This ensures that important messages are not overlooked or ignored.

Yes, the security of communications is a key concern. IDERI note implements various security protocols to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

Thanks to the flexible interfaces and the possibility of automation, IDERI note can usually be easily integrated into existing hospital information systems. However, it is recommended to have the implementation performed by an IT specialist.