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Time saving and optimization in public administration

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Public administrations face constant challenges in communicating information quickly. Traditionally, people often relied on email as the main means of communication. While email certainly offers important benefits, such as the ability to send and receive messages asynchronously, it is not always the optimal solution. That’s where IDERI note comes in – a powerful alternative to email that saves time and increases effectiveness in public administration.


IDERI note offers a wealth of features that make it a highly effective communications solution, especially for organizations that rely on rapid response and information delivery. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how IDERI note can improve public administration.

Direct notifications and alerts: save time from the start

One of the most obvious ways IDERI note saves time is by providing direct notifications and alerts. Instead of wait for an email that may take hours or days to read, IDERI note users can receive instant notifications and alerts. This function is crucial, especially in relation to critical information or emergencies.


Imagine a security incident occurs in a city government. An intruder has entered a public building. With IDERI note, the alarm system can immediately send a notification to the security forces, who can respond without delay. In such a scenario, every second can be critical, and IDERI note ensures a lightning-fast response.

Prioritization of messages: Important information at a glance

In a crowded email inbox, it’s easy to miss important messages. IDERI note enables prioritization of messages. Important warnings and alerts are immediately highlighted and cannot be overlooked. This helps to focus attention on the most urgent matters and save time searching for important information.

Integration with other systems: A central hub for communication

IDERI note can be seamlessly integrated with other systems and applications, making it a central hub for communication. Information from various sources, such as monitoring and alarm systems, can be automatically transferred to IDERI note. This saves users from having to switch between different applications to gather information.

Faster decision making: Time is money

IDERI note makes it possible to send important information to the right people quickly and in a targeted manner. This significantly speeds up the decision-making process. In public administration, where time-critical decisions are often required, this can make a significant difference. A municipality can respond more quickly to unexpected events, reducing both costs and potential damage.


IDERI note as a time saver and effectiveness enhancer IDERI note has proven to be a powerful email alternative for public administration. With direct notifications and alerts, automated workflows, message prioritization, and seamless integration with other systems, IDERI note enables critical information to be captured and processed faster. This results in time savings and improved effectiveness, which are invaluable in today’s fast-paced world of public administration.


IDERI note enables public administrations to ensure that they are able to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities, while ensuring that critical information gets to the right people at the right time. This is the key to effective management and the provision of quality services to citizens.


Frequently asked questions about the use of IDERI note in public administrations

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In public administration, quick decisions are often critical to respond to unexpected events. IDERI note enables fast and targeted sharing of critical information, which can reduce costs and potential damage.

Yes, IDERI provides training and resources to help public administrations adopt and use the platform. This includes training for administrators and technical documentation.